The following FAQ's are provided as a guide to find answers to any
of your questions related to the RUSH FUNNELS System.

Please read through the available F.A.Q's to ensure you get the quickest response to your queries before submitting a ticket. If you have not found an answer to your query then create a ticket at the SUPPORT PORTAL

RUSHFUNNELS.COM is owned and operated by Digital Culture HQ Pty Ltd, an Australian based digital marketing company who specialise in building and maintaining cutting edge sales and marketing automation applications. RUSH FUNNELS is a funnel system specifically developed for lead generation. In the event a visitor decides to register with RUSH FUNNELS, they can expect to receive (but not limited to) the following features and benefits of using the system:

- Capture UNLIMITED leads
- Refer other friends / traffic to use the same funnel system
- Live / real-time details statistics & notifications
- Increased marketing ROI with personalised tracking ID's
- Receive up to date news & members only training, tips & tricks
- Start marketing and the ability to begin generating new leads all in less than 60 seconds!
Having years of experience in the SAAS (Software as a service) industry, Digital Culture HQ Pty Ltd have developed and handle all TECHNICAL customer success tickets related to RUSH FUNNELS.
PLEASE NOTE: All general queries relating to a funnel marketing any product / service NOT related to RUSH FUNNELS should be directed towards the user that referred you to the site.
RUSH FUNNELS Members are able to send *unlimited genuine traffic / visitors to any of their FREE FUNNELS and / or PRO FUNNELS. (*unlimited genuine traffic is regarded as any organic or paid traffic from advertising services excluding spam, gambling, adult or illegal related websites)
Yes. RUSH FUNNELS has a referral program for RUSH FUNNELS Members who wish to refer other new Members to use the system. All Members who participate in referring other Members to RUSH FUNNELS accept the 'Affiliate Terms & Conditions' which can be found inside the RUSH FUNNELS Members area. Additionally, some Members may make no money at all from RUSH FUNNELS referral program. For more information to our Earning Disclaimer, please read the 'Affiliate Terms & Conditions'.
RUSH FUNNELS pay commissions to active Members through Paypal. This means that each Member who has generated commissions, is an active RUSH FUNNELS Member and has met the payment threshold in pending payments for the period to be paid, will be paid through Paypal.
RUSH FUNNELS Commissions are paid through paypal and are processed at the end of each month for the commissions generated during the period of the previous month. For example, each transaction that was successfully processed during the month of January, these commissions owing to referring Members will be paid at the end of February (subject to the RUSH FUNNELS Affiliate meeting the minimum payout threshold.)
RUSH FUNNELS is free to join! RUSH FUNNELS also has a paid 'PRO' version which is available for all Members to purchase. The price is is in USD monthly displayed on the RUSH FUNNELS PRO Member sales page inside the account and can be paid using Paypal or Credit Card on site (depending on availability of payment processors at the time of purchase).
No email autoresponder service is needed for using RUSH FUNNELS as we save your leads to our default list storage by default which can be downloaded at anytime, however we recommend connecting a supported Autoresponder account so you can seamlessly have your leads added to your chosen Autoresponder list. Each of the supported Autoresponders are integrated at the API level. This information and related integration steps can be found in the Members 'SETTINGS' page.
As a free RUSH FUNNELS member you are able to collect leads using the available free RUSH FUNNELS. You are then free to market any product or service of your choice to these leads. RUSH FUNNELS PRO MEMBERS have the ability to create custom PRO FUNNELS which can be used to capture and market *any product or service within the funnel.
RUSH FUNNELS is a system designed to capture leads. We recommend emailing these leads that have been generated through the RUSH FUNNELS System using your own email client. Please keep in mind that these leads were generated due to their interest in what RUSH FUNNELS is offering and therefore we recommend keeping your 'message' relevant to what they have requested.
RUSH FUNNELS educates Members regarding the best places to get highly targeted traffic. Some of these methods are free and some are paid. Due to many factors we are unable to guarantee any of the traffics quality or quantity since we have no control over third party services. We additionally educate our members on how to easily evaluate their marketing efforts and understand which sources are working best with our 'in house' tracking software.
We certainly hope and recommend they do! The key to any successful business is simplicity and duplication, and we recommend that any new referral also uses RUSH FUNNELS to generate new leads for themselves and get the best return on their marketing efforts using the system and tools offered.
No problem, that's why we have a great customer success team. Firstly, we recommend using the 'Forgot Password' link on the Member login page. You will then be sent an email to your registered email address you used with RUSH FUNNELS. Open the email and click on the link where you will be able to change your password to another of your choice. Lastly, make sure you are using the correct email address that you used when registering with RUSH FUNNELS, or additionally you can enter your chosen Username at the Members login page to access your account.
If you have properly integrated a supported autoresponder account then RUSH FUNNELS will push each new lead to your chosen autoresponder list. From here RUSH FUNNELS has no control over how you communicate with your leads. If you have any issues sending emails to leads, we recommend getting in contact with your autoresponder service provider.
Unlimited! You are able to generate as many RUSH FUNNELS leads as you wish using any of the available RUSH FUNNELS Capture Pages we have available.
Unlimited! You are able to refer as many RUSH FUNNELS Members as you wish. Additionally, if you are a RUSH FUNNEL PRO Member and have accepted the RUSH FUNNELS 'Affiliate Terms & Conditions' and registered as an Affiliate, you will be paid *commissions accordingly for each and every one of the referred Members while remaining an active member of RUSH FUNNELS.
*Please read the 'Affiliate Terms & Conditions' inside the RUSH FUNNELS Members area for full information.
We are serious about privacy which is why we do not keep any credit card information, or postal details. In the event a Member uses the credit card option on the RUSH FUNNELS website for their monthly payments, their information is kept secure using one of the largest payment processors online - Stripe - to gather the information and keep this secure. The only information we display, is a Members name, email and referral numbers to their direct RUSH FUNNELS referrer (for their statistical purposes) understanding this information is often also provided by other companies alike.